Launch Day!

Hello readers,

I started this website with a singular purpose in mind: to make me feel like I’m somehow being productive by spending all of my free time watching movies. I have to hand it to myself, so far it has been pretty effective.

In the coming months I will be posting two new movie reviews a week, and I’ll try to alternate between current theatrical releases and older movies. In no way will my reviews be unbiased. They might not even be coherent most of the time. What they will be is self-indulgent and full of my unbridled opinions. I hope that you find them entertaining and informative.

I am always open to any questions or feedback, positive or negative. Please comment and share your thoughts if you feel so inclined. I am also open to movie suggestions, so let me know if there are any films you want me to cover. Suggestions can be made at or via social media. Thanks for reading!




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